Water Canyon

  After departing Uranium Springs we made for the water course that I'd spotted on the way here. We spend the first night near that capped rock and did some scouting for a better space. Following the water course upstream the canyon became deeper and deeper. After a bit we found a spot that looked like it would work for us, the next morning we moved.
This became our camp for the next several days.

The canyon here was deep enough that we never were able to get down to the water.


Rare Views

 The heavy ion storms seemed to cause the Blasted Lands to glow. We suited up and went out to capture some images.

 I've heard from the residents that the recent storms have caused the greening of the vegetation. This is unusual and they've not seem it before.  


Storm Clouds

Having gotten our camp set up, as much as we could w/o the rest of the crew, we watched as storm clouds started rolling in.


Blasted Lands

 Before it got dark yesterday I found a track w/ almost nothing for recent travel. I followed that for a bit, skirting some severe erosion, and came out on the edge. This seemed like a safe enough place for the night.

 In the near distance was an abandoned home-site (I check for squatters) already stripped of anything scavengeable.

This was my view into the Blasted Lands this morn.

 Time to head in and find their enclave.


Crew & Water

Today I started out in the direction of Uranium Springs. An enclave of survivors that are celebrating another spring. Having heard of this happening, from someone last fall, I decide to meet the Crew there for a little funnin' in a safe haven before our cycle of travel begins.

The Crew, having separated last winter to spend some time w/ their tribes and families, or accomplish some personal missions, had chosen this place to re-gather before our summer travels.

So far the thought of funnin was getting thinner.


Mud Draggin'

 The gathering of Explorers, w/ mechs designed to handle the conditions of travel found far from any kind of assistance, turned into an event of snow, rain, and mud. I spent a solid two days, and part of a third, pulling their mechs out from the mud pit that the dry lake bed we camped on the edge of became.
 Guess who's mech was one of the most suited to that kind of situation.

 Now I get to chill and recoup up under the trees away from the mud for a day.



Yesterday, late, I rolled into a friends property. Some place to park-up a few nights before heading to the gathering. This community, though small, has itself a bit together w/ a working power grid. A pole that I can pull up to on the property is a luxury.



 Before reaching what passes for a river out here, I have overheated twice and dumped a decent amount of crankcase oil out. Seems that I have major issues w/ leaking main seals and unknown issues w/ the cooling.

 I swing farther north to avoid the nuclear burn zone and work my way up what's left of pavement though the mountains. The way is slow (just my style) and amazingly beautiful.

 Overheating once on the climb I stop to let the Draggin' cool and make myself some food. Hangin in the shade of the trailer and eating I set my canteen on the wheel. Once I pull out and start climbing again I realize it was still there when I started. Turning a "U" I go back and find it's still whole, run-over but still whole, sometimes I am fortunate. 



 Finely, after two weeks from my last transmission, I'm rolling . . . and hoping I did it all the right way.

 My first run takes me across one of the wastes before swinging around the edge of the second and arriving at a gathering of travelers. This run also has me rolling w/o any support mechs, if I have probs and can't fix it myself I could be in deep.

 I park-up just into the first wasteland, it's late and this will give me the whole day to deal w/ any issues that arise on the morrow.