The Rock Farm

 I had picked up some build work out at our friends' place, a place they called the “Rock Farm”. The land there was a mass of ancient lava rocks and dust that became caustic mud at every rain. The work was to create a deck that would allow outside activities in most conditions. They had a source for milled lumber and a way to move it. So it was time to move out there and set up camp for real.


Crew Separates

  Seven days here working on little upgrades. Like getting that panel I've been hauling around wired in. Getting closer to having some power accessible in the shelter.

  Stykz headed north to work on a project up at the big Playa. The plan is to reconnect 3 full moons from now. I'm going to relocate out to what my friends call their “Rock Farm”. Will be doing some build work out there.



 Last night I woke up twice, soaking wet w/ toxic sweat, and once in the early morn to a spattering of rain. At least the burn part is over, now I'll spend an unknown amount of time trying to clear the stuff out of my lungs.

 We late started the day heading into the next valley south. This valley has managed to stay as one of the healthier places around. Here we'll pick up both food stock and some supplies for Stykz to work w/.
 We feel safe enough to split up and do separate missions while listening to the air waves just in case.

 Stocked, we meet back up and start rolling farther north and back into the trees. As we move out of the valley and start climbing, the Draggin' blows the last of it's coolant. I search for a place to pull off the pavement and find the remnants of some foundation.

 It's nice to see flowers blooming as if it's just a normal spring.



 I knew better, rolling down into the valley w/o wearing my face-filter, now I think I'm toxic.

 The day started ok, we did a bunch of brake tweekin and got them into a state that we were willing to roll w/. It was going to be a lot of down hill until we reached the valley, then a small climb out the other side. We didn't need to stop for anything other than water and Stykz topping of his tank w/ some of the local fuel. The last time I rolled through here the air quality was only mid-yellow on my gauges, didn't even check this time.


Crawling to the Edge

 I sat watching as Stykz pushed most of his rather recently scavenged items out of his mech. It was, to say the least, amusing. All in his quest to find that centipede that had somehow been imported into Syma.

 Just one of the many minor adventures that we'd experienced in the last couple nights.