I knew better, rolling down into the valley w/o wearing my face-filter, now I think I'm toxic.

 The day started ok, we did a bunch of brake tweekin and got them into a state that we were willing to roll w/. It was going to be a lot of down hill until we reached the valley, then a small climb out the other side. We didn't need to stop for anything other than water and Stykz topping of his tank w/ some of the local fuel. The last time I rolled through here the air quality was only mid-yellow on my gauges, didn't even check this time.

 We topped up and headed for the track that would cross out of here to the south. We still had sun for a few hours, time enough to get up aways and find a spot to park for the night.

 While climbing out I lost sight of Stykz's mech behind me. Got on the waves and learned that at some point he'd cracked open his main fuel line. This was a scavenged line that he'd been using. About a seven-day back he scored some new line from a village we went through, so it was just a matter of changing it out. 
 I walked back to see if any help was needed, and to laugh a bit.

Once rolling again we stopped at a few false sites before finding a community maintained Park-Up and felt safe enough to stop for the night. By now I was starting to feel it, my lungs filling up to protect me from what I'd breathed in, the non-stop coughing, and I was starting to get fevered.

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