Bridges Down

  Not knowing if the “closure” was natural or man-made, I rolled on with caution, senses on high alert.
 A few miles in I see where the road had been damaged and repaired at a wash crossing. So far it was looking like this had been caused by storms and flash flooding, that eased some of the tension. Passing that I soon came to a crossroad in what was once a small, even tiny, community. Now most of the buildings were slowly turning into mounds of desert weathered wood, corrugated roofing, and the never ending, wind blown, array of plastic based trash. To think that at one time they thought it was a good idea to make anything they could out of something that didn't easily breakdown into dirt.
  Turning west I continue on for a bit before running into another “Road Closed” blockade. I skirt this one as well and roll on. Some distance on I find the cause, a bridge that's been flood damaged and no longer connects to the broken pavement of the road.
  I work my way down into the dry wash and bypass the ruined bridge. Some time later I discover another one and do the same.

 A few more stops to top off the heat exchanger with water and I arrive at the Oasis compound. By now I know I won't be pushing on to the Big Playa with the lil Draggin' in this condition.

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