My encampment was not far from this abandoned dwelling site.

 With the remains of rock quarries in the distance.

 While here I found someone that had the, almost lost, skill of working on metal heat exchange units.
After working out a deal I pulled it and borrowed transport to get it to him. I'm hoping that getting the unit cleaned out will help w/ the overheating issue. 

 Other challenges I've faced while here include the Radiation Rats, which moved a load of mutant cactus pieces, among other random bits of trash, into my cab. Had to spend a day doing clean out and decon. And a day of acid rain that kept me inside when I wanted to be building.


 I did get my entrance to the deck painted. Now I can see it in the dark.

 It was now two moon cycles after arriving and time for me to roll on. The plan was to head to the Compound, staying north of the Burn Zone, and swap out some of the things I had w/ me. Then roll north to the Big Playa and meet back up w/ Stykz.

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