Rolling West

  Leaving the Rock Farm I overheat twice in short order (I was hoping the first was just because it had been leaking a bit from the lower hose). Seems like the work on the heat exchanger didn't help any.

 Finally I cross the last set of mountains and start down to the River, this time of year I'm sure the radiation level is high, but there's no other way around w/o going far out of my way.
 Sure enough, I'm reading high yellow on the gauges, temps at 117, and I'm overheating on the downhill. Damn, I'm going to have to stop and let it cool, . . . while I try not to burn.

 Crossing the River I have two choices, and one has no chance of topping up water. I take the other and start climbing a mountain pass, this will get me out of the burn zone and into cooler temps . . . it just may take stopping a few times on the way up.

 Part way up the sun drops behind the peaks, good time to stop, let it cool, and wire in the new driving lights I've been hauling around. Earlier this season I had changed out a failing switch, now was the time to test it w/ these new lights.
 With the lighting I was able to roll at night, that and the lower temps were giving me longer runs between overheats. That worked until late in the night when I pulled off of the route and into a spot where turning around or night backing was going to be a major challenge, not an ambush so . . . a place to sleep for the night.

 In the morning I find a quick turn-around and start moving south off the main route.
 I drive around the “Road Closed” blockage and keep my eyes open, comms on.
 Last year this way was open.

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